The 4-day workweek

In this enlightening article from the New York Times, Charlotte Graham-McLay reports about a company from New Zealand that tried something out. They switched all their employees to work only 32 hours per week instead of the regular 40 hours. All of them still received the same salary for 40 hours though. What they found was that their productivity increased and the employees got the same amount of work done. Sometimes even more.
To reach this level of productivity, they reduced meeting times, didn’t leave early or took longer breaks.

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Things happen for a reason

I am currently reading a very interesting book: “Principles” by Ray Dalio
It was recommended to me by several sources, most notably by Sebastian Marshall. Sebastian focuses a lot on personal improvement in his work. I value his ideas and ideas very much. So it made sense to me to follow his recommendation to read this book. Continue reading Things happen for a reason

Software development on construction sites

A few days ago, a friend told me about the construction site that is located right outside the window of his living room. He was, understandably, complaining about the construction workers starting their shifts at seven in the morning. They make all kinds of noises and it’s costing him his nerves.

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GDPR, or: How I stopped worrying and love my users

A few days ago I received an email from my bank where I keep my business account (n26 if you want to know), informing me that my personal details including email address, first and last name and telephone number were stolen during a hack that occurred at Typeform.

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