The four types of documentation

You probably already noticed from the title of this letter, the topic of documentation is still important to me. Now that I began spending time with it I notice the many different aspects of documentation. And there’s more than I thought.

Today I want to share a resource with you that taught me about the four different levels/types of docs. I didn’t even know that there were four levels, or why they mattered.
They start with something very important:

It doesn’t matter how good your software is, because if the documentation is not good enough, people will not use it.

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Code Quality through high-quality docs

Hi friend.

I am going to drum the quality drum again. This is a big topic and I know for a fact that I haven't even scratched the surface of what there is to say about it.

About a month ago I wrote

I'd like to admit, I never had a mentor or teacher who showed me how to properly document software. It was all learning by doing. If you don't mind, I'll take some future episodes of this newsletter to document (see what I did there? 👅) my findings and further thoughts about this topic.

This is one of these letters about documentation. My knowledge hasn't grown by as much as I would have loved, but I read some interesting articles about docs. I want to share these with you.

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Processes for achieving quality

Hi friend.

So I've been busy at my client's today. I had to implement a sidebar navigation with React. I did something like that a few years ago already and could now redo it for this client. This was great because I could build on my knowledge from the last years. And that's why I got totally lost in time… I bet you understand. 😉

Last week we talked about quality, and how you could measure it in other's projects but also your own. Today I want to think about how we can achieve a certain level of quality. But more important: How can we make sure we always achieve this level in our projects.

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