If it’s a process, model it as one

Today I could review code from a client. I do this Wednesdays and Fridays. I am always looking forward to these days since it's an interesting project and they are great people. The lead dev is also a reader on this list, but I wouldn't have written anything else if it was different. 😜

The client is rebuilding their web shop. One of my suggestions during the initial code quality audit concerned the handling of prices and their calculations. Today I reviewed the updated code for the topic of handling prices and the checkout in their shop. I won't go into detail regarding their code. What I do want to note is the topic of the checkout, though.

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What's a good way to measure whether your software quality processes are working well?

There is no one-sentence answer to this question. Here are my thoughts on this.

A good way to measure quality is to use static analysis tools. They give you concrete data that you can compare. If you had 300 code smells last month, and you decreased that number to 50 then it's hard to argue that your quality hasn't increased. So this is tangible.

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Don’t do this

Hi friend.

Today I set out to extend an existing JavaScript class inside a client's project. Upon scoping the extension and figuring out where it fits in, I noticed the missing tests. You see, it would be reckless to extend the class without any test coverage. I will be gone from this client in a few weeks and I cannot leave them with code like that. Anyway, the class had no tests at all.

So I wrote a very basic test setup. This is an Angular project—which is neither a speciality of mine, nor something I would prefer. But with things being the way they are, I just try to add some value to the project. The Angular tests use Karma (as far as I know that is the standard for Angular CLI projects). I usually use Jest. But ok. The setup isn't soo different.

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