Delete all your tests!

Sorry for not writing yesterday. My schedule did not allow it. I refrained from posting anything since it wouldn't have been of sufficient quality for you.

On Monday I tried something new. I recorded the content of the newsletter as a video and posted it to YouTube and LinkedIn. While it didn't exactly blow up, I am happy and excited about these changes. I want to try to stick with this.

Today I switched things up. I first recorded the video, of which I've embedded a link to below, and then wrote the newsletter.

The subject says it already: Delete all your tests!

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What is he talking about?

This list grew quite a bit during the last days. Thank you all for subscribing. If there are questions or you would like to share a point of view with me, please always feel free to reach out. I literally jump with joy when I get an email from you. We all have too many emails in our inboxes that are unimportant. Your emails are important to me, and I welcome them. Try it out 😉

Last week I wrote about testing. The weeks and days before that, I wrote about continuous integration without branches, configuration management, best practices for modeling business processes in code, code styles, linting and much more.

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Testing strategies – conclusion

Yesterday I wrote about the pros and cons for having separate people/teams do development and testing. I promised to tell you about my opinion on this matter.

Before I do that, I want to admit something. I did not write one of the biggest cons that I have on this idea. But I will share it now.

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Testing strategies – What to test and how to test

I wrote to you about test management yesterday. My goal was to provide you with an idea of why test management (TM) might be something your projects could benefit from. What I did not tell you: You won't get there just by using a software. There is a lot more to TM than meets the eye. But I won't use your precious inbox for that.

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Testing strategies – back to start

On Friday I gave you a very quick intro on how you could increase your test coverage and confidence for an application that has no tests.

You can consider this the quick and dirty approach that works, when you have little time and just want to start somewhere.

Perhaps you should start at an earlier point. A proper way to start the journey to testing software is to state the question

Why do we test software?

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Testing strategies

In an earlier email I asked you on your opinions as to what you would like to read more about. A bit like a "chose-your-own-adventure" style newsletter. BTW: Did you see that show on Netflix, where you can decide how the story unfolds? This was excellent.

Although the nerd in me sees many ways how it was confusing for the user and how it could have been even better. But for a TV show? Wow, I am excited that dared to do that!

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