My current client does not use any chat tools like Slack. While this is uncommon these days, and was really unexpected when I started with them, I came to appreciate it. It introduces friction into the communication. Which is good. It makes you think before you send an email.

It's that time of the year where I am tempted to create a clean .vimrc file and start using vim again.

What a bullshit

I wanted to reach out as an opportunity is now available for a Developer to join a very exciting, innovative and dynamic company based in Berlin to work on a strategic life changing application that supports thousands of business executives of the greatest companies in the world.

Our cat died yesterday. She would have turned 10 this summer. Fucking pancreatic cancer took her within one month. Have trouble not crying all day.

This happens when you use a Ubuntu USB device to boot from. The wifi adapter isn’t recognized in this old(er) MacBook Pro 13". Well, I have other things to do anyway. 🙁

Alright. It takes some time for the posts to appear, but it works. I post to my WordPress category „microblog" first ( This gets syndicated to and to Twitter. #success

If everything works you should be able to read this. Tech is confusing. This needs to be easier for people.

I will now host my posts on my own site Just tried to set everything up. So consider this a test post—which should still crosspost to Twitter as well.