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Holger Frohloff

Maintaining custom software

1 min read

Jeena writes about the challenge to maintain a custom blog software.

I've neglected my rails application which runs my own website for many many years, mostly because it's a lot of work to keep upgrading rails especially when it comes to major version changes. Dependencies break and disapear, API's break, you need to rewrite a lot of code because new concepts and data structures gets introduced, etc. Anyway now I need to upgrade from rails 4.2 which was released 8 years ago to 7.0 which was released last year.

I still like to have written my own website because this way I can have exactly the functionality which I want, not someone else. But it's a lot of work.

I feel the challenge. I started rewriting this very site in Rails, to be able to include [Webmentions]( and support other IndieWeb features. But sadly, I didn't find enough time recently to work on the project. So cheers to Jeena and hopefully, he'll be able to upgrade to Rails 7. Once I've finished some more client projects, maybe I'll be able to take the time to work on this site more.
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