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For a company I worked with, I tried hiring a developer to fill a Junior role. During that process I talked to other tech leads and senior developers about their experiences hiring for a junior position.

The verdict was quite clear: They are afraid to hire a junior—or actually any level of developer–because they rarely are able to judge the quality of the work they can expect. Everybody has a gut feeling. And that’s most often the only thing they use to decide whether to hire somebody.

The problem a junior developer faces

Juniors don’t have any work examples they can share. It is often the case that engineering managers want to see some examples of your prior work. What code are you proud of? Where did you have to make a tough decision and how can you explain to them why you decided a certain way?

Juniors rarely are able to share something that could answer these questions. Not because they are bad at what they do—No! Most often because they work on closed-source software for companies. Or they work on trivial applications that they aren’t proud to share.

Here’s how I can help:

Together with me you’ll identify an open source application that you’d like to work on. I’ll help you join the team of contributors. I’ll review your contributions prior to you opening a pull request on the repository. I’ll even help you solve difficult issues and challenges implementing features for the project.

Together we’ll make sure that you will make sizeable and meaningful contributions to open source. Next time you interview for a job as a developer, you will be able to share code that you are proud of. Code that shows your abilities to make meaningful contributions.

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