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  • This happens when you use a Ubuntu USB device to boot from. The wifi adapter isn’t recognized in this old(er) MacBook Pro 13″. Well, I have other things to do anyway. 🙁

  • Alright. It takes some time for the posts to appear, but it works. I post to my WordPress category „microblog” first ( This gets syndicated to and to Twitter. #success

  • If everything works you should be able to read this. Tech is confusing. This needs to be easier for people.

  • I will now host my posts on my own site Just tried to set everything up. So consider this a test post—which should still crosspost to Twitter as well.

  • Inspecting changes locally before pushing

    If you work on your branch you run into the situation that you would like to push your changes to the remote repository. CI will then pick up your changes and run the linting and code quality checks on it. Afterwards, you will see whether you improved the quality. But perhaps there are some new violations that crept into the code? Happens to all of us!

    I usually like to see and check if any new issues might come up on CI. This lets me improve them before I push.

  • Why you should use linters

    I don’t only publish these newsletters, I write articles on my website as well.

    Last week I published an article on “why you should use linters”.

    Wanted to let you know, just so you don’t miss this.

  • Avdi Grimm’s view on deleting tests

    A few weeks ago I wrote about deleting your tests. Yesterday I received the weekly email from Avdi Grimm, where he touches on this subject. Some premises about my relationship with unit…

  • Why should you use Linters?

    What is a linter? If you write code, you want you code to look a certain way. You want the syntax to meet your stylistic requirements. In the beginning, when you learn…

  • External forces

    I am occupied with learning these days. Learning on my own about visualizations of data among other topics. But also learning about learning. For that I read what other people think about…

  • Complex conditionals

    The other day we dealt with code coverage and gnarly conditionals. I promised to offer a way to be able to test them properly. THERE IS NONE. Ha, what a bad joke.…