Planting seeds

You and your team want to improve your quality. I think this is great. But you have a problem: management. Just yesterday I had a great talk with to great developers. They are interested in this topic and they already found ways to increase quality and improve the overall situation. High-fives all around!

Perhaps you are now wondering what the next steps could be. Or you already know the next steps you would like to take. For these to happen you need buy-in from your management. You need time and money to achieve your goals. But you just don’t find a good way to talk with them about your plans and goals.

Here’s a little trick you can use: Raise their interest and inject thoughts about quality into their minds. The obvious question is how you would do that, right?

Somewhere in your department you will find an old monitor. And you will find a cheap, old computer that nobody uses anymore. There you will display a dashboard with quality metrics. Put it somewhere your manager(s) will see it once they pass through your department.

A handy tool to create a dashboard, deploy it to Heroku and display data from Jira and other sources is Dashing.

This will raise their interest in what you are doing there. And why you are doing it. => “We want to measure some quality metrics to gauge their impact on our cycle time and the next releases. We want to get better and deliver better software for our clients.” This sounds a bit simple, admittedly. But your manager won’t object, because your goal is in his interest.

While this might not be the big improvement you were hoping for, some things take time. And you planted the seeds and can steer the conversation toward this topic again, anytime.

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