Post birthday

Last week:

I dealt with GraphQL and Rails to connect with a React application. I did not want to use JWT as authentication but “just” use the Rails session. It took way longer than I’d like to admit, but in the end I figured it out:
The Rails docs tell you that the session is only used if it is accessed. So I set a dummy value like session[:foo] = „bar" and then the session is present in the response headers.
And everything “just works”. 🤪

This week:

Something big is coming up and was decided today, but I am not yet ready to reveal this.


Every week, almost daily, I get new requests to mentor people. This time someone from Hamburg in Germany contacted me. Looks interesting. He doesn’t know yet, how demanding I am when mentoring. Up to today few were willing to put in the work. I am waiting for him to book a Zoom call with me.


I am enjoying my noise-cancelling headphones every time I use them. If you are on the fence whether to get some: DO IT. Best investment for your sanity you can do. (Well, of course not really. But they are great!)

Last Saturday was my birthday. I turned 38. Great weekend, pleasant parties with great friends and lovely family (a few were missing).

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