The short:

I’ll join your team as a consultant for improving the quality of your software.
There are probably quite a few spots where I can be of help.
I’ll do so actively and in cooperation with your team and incorporate coaching where appropriate

The long:

You hire me as a consultant and retain me on a monthly basis. I intimately get to know your team, your processes and products. I’ll spot the places where my active support can make the most differences — short term and especially long term.

The effect of all these points is an improved team. They will produce software of higher quality.

This works remotely as well as in-person.
If it’s a remote engagement, we should discuss the option of me visiting your team for an initial period. The results I am able to achieve with your team make the most difference, when they are based on trust. And trust is quickest to build in person.

Hire me

I only offer a very limited capacity for this service.

Right now there is no spot available. Contact me to be put on the waiting list.