This is a list of talks I’ve given.

Your Git is a Treasure Trove

My talk as an article:

I last gave this talk at the GOTOnight in Berlin on 10. September 2019


Have you wondered why your developers’ velocity fluctuates? The reason usually lies in your code’s complexity and in architectural challenges. Git can help you visualize these problems in a way that other static analysis usually doesn’t. Come and see what lies hidden in plain sight.


Your developers use Git all day. They create new commits, merge pull requests, write wonderful commit messages (hopefully!) and create your product. Still, there are times when you are wondering why features take longer, or why bugs creep into your application. Some weeks it runs smoothly. Some weeks are like a rollercoaster.

If you would like to get answers to your questions, your version control system can give you the insight you are lacking. During this talk, I will provide actionable examples as to which data you can get out of Git, and how, from well-known open source projects! Leave the talk with ideas and inspiration about how to mine your Git to learn insights into how to create better products.


The audience is not required to be experts in software quality or Git. Experience writing software helps, but the examples will be inspiring for all levels. I have over a decade of experience writing web and app software, mostly using Rails and JavaScript. For over a year now, I consult web development companies on how to improve their software quality using metrics gained by static and behavioural analysis.

Software quality — Every application is a future legacy application

Let‘s have a discussion about quality.

I will give answers (my answers) to these questions. But I hope to actually have a discussion about it. Perhaps round-table like? Who would be up for that?

Date: April, 4th 2019
Location: Ruby User Group, Berlin

Let’s get Lucky – A web framework on Crystal

Date: December, 6th 2018
Location: Ruby User Group, Berlin
This is the recording of my screen and the microphone from my laptop.

GDPR, or: How I stopped worrying and love my users

Date: April, 14th 2018
Location: Isle Of Ruby conference in Exeter, UK
Sadly no video was made, but here are the slides:


Imagine getting a call from your boss during the late hours of a Sunday night. „Our servers were hacked. Usernames, passwords and credit card data was stolen for at least 500.000 users. This is a nightmare! Didn’t you put up protection against this? Come in immediately to assess the situation and do what’s necessary and whatever it is that can be done right now!
The GDPR will be enforced from May 25th 2018. Organizations in non-compliance will face heavy fines. Organizations need your expertise on how to update their software to handle this.
I will present the GDPR from the standpoint of a developer. You will see why these rules are actually good and why you should care about them. After constant news of hacks and leaks where user’s data is stolen, it is about time to think about what you as a developer can do differently to protect your user’s data. You will leave this talk with a clear idea on how to improve things.
Let’s do this with style!


The GDPR looms over us all. Organizations need to do something about it. Most managers won’t know enough of the details about the GDPR. What they care about is that their organization complies with the rules and regulation. Data privacy and protection is usually an afterthought and does not get the importance that it needs. Why do we encrypt „important“ business data but not our user’s data. In the end this is data that we *do not own* but just borrow. We should handle it with at least as much care as we handle our own data. The GDPR offers us the chance to improve on how things are handled. Now you have rules on data privacy. Clever engineers can interpret and implement these rules in a way that let’s them sleep well at night, knowing that they did the right thing by their users and protected their data.
Everybody that writes code for a living is in a better position than before when she knows how to best upgrade their applications before May 25th.