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Holger Frohloff


For my clients I offer coaching and trainings for their development teams.

Testing with JavaScript & TypeScript

Experience shows that there can be foundational gaps concerning the questions how to test software and what to test.

I offer hands-on trainings with challenges taken from real-world applications.
During the training we will discuss the foundational theoretic concepts behind testing to fill gaps and use those to answer practical questions.
Some clients bring existing projects and discuss their limitations on how to best test tricky setups.
This is no requirement. I use existing, proven code for these trainings.

Attendees: 4-12
Length: 2 days, 8 hours each
Location: Remote or on-site

Software quality & refactoring

To fill the growing need for software developers in the market companies have to rely on bootcamp graduates, career changers and junior developers who they train on the job. This is perfectly fine.

Still, these developers might lack knowledge regarding software design patterns, refactoring software and approaches on increasing quality in their applications. The day-to-day requirements of (client) projects often leave little time to fill gaps and build knowledge systematically.

This two-day training imparts theoretical knowledge to build a foundation. The main part of consists of applying patterns and approaches to refactor and improve existing code provided by me.

The attendees leave with an increased knowledge and a toolset for facing similar problems in their own applications.

Attendees: 4-6
Length: 2 days, 8 hours each
Location: Remote or on-site

Reach out to me to talk about these trainings
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