@patrickrhone I like that! Thank you for writing it for me.

@robb @js@front-end.social @holgerfrohloff and you don't get the new action button with the non-pros. 🤷‍♂️

@robb @js@front-end.social Pro has a better GPU and a higher refresh rate of the screen. They also have the always-on display. The RAM is a bit lower and the chip is “slower” (not by much though) for the non-pro phones.

@tante I believe @bodo wanted to work on something in that domain. I don't know the current status or if it was something else entirely, though.

@viticci How come? The store is still offline for me 😒 …and congrats 😉

@ben_hr wonderful picture!

@vincent I really like using Gluon. The emojis and avatars add flavor! 🥳🥰

@numericcitizen It's online at miro.com. They make it very easy for me to create visualisations for software documentation and many other projects. Even team retrospectives work fine using it with many people.

@numericcitizen I tend to use Miro to create visuals that I would imagine being able to create using Freeform. Does that make sense?

@odd Absolutely! 😆

@aaronpk I just tried to subscribe to your articles and notes via RSS. To my surprise it wasn't possible? Do you publish a feed?

@holgerfrohloff ich ~muss~ werde heute noch Tsatsiki/Zaziki/Tzaziki und Pitas für eine Feier morgen machen. 🎉

@holgerfrohloff Okay… es stellt sich heraus, dass das Repository mal eben über 4GB groß ist. Da stimmt etwas nicht. Da sollte nur Text/Code drin sein. Vermutlich hat da jemand mal einen Datenbank Dump hinzugefügt. Der Kunde ist noch neu bei mir, dadurch sehe ich das zum ersten Mal…

@tschlander I switched to using Airmail on all platforms. It’s better than Mail.app

@viticci Too bad it's only for Gmail.

@aaronpk your space looks really wonderful.

@z428 🫶 dankeschön. Bisher eher so nööö.

@holgerfrohloff Der Tag ist jetzt schon nicht mehr auszuhalten. Wäre ich im Bett geblieben. Ist heute Montag?

@V_ der interessiert mich tatsächlich auch null. Was reizt dich denn an dem? 

@V_ Danke! Ich fand ihn großartig. So muss Indy sein. Oppenheimer gibt es morgen. Die Kinder sind verreist, das muss man nutzen. ☺️

@numericcitizen why did you decide against using an existing product? what does your notion crm do better than other solutions?

@pratik My wife and I LOVED the Diplomat. So many intelligent dialogues and an interesting story with believable characters. So great.

@sherif thank you for putting it that way. Now I understand better what you mean. I might disagree, but I understand you; 👍

@sherif @V_ @danielpunkass I am really happy with 1PW. Everything works always flawlessly. I am happy to pay the (very small) fee for what I am getting. It makes my life easier and more secure.

@holgerfrohloff Ich vermute, dass Insta alle meine Bilder in der Mediathek scannt und daraufhin Pegasus Bikes mein Konto vorschlägt zur Follow. Meine Antwort darauf ist, dass ich Insta nicht mehr Zugriff auf meine ganze Fotomediathek gewähre, sondern nur noch auf ausgewählte Fotos. 🤬

@spreeblick der hat mir gefallen. …und ist es noch unnützes Wissen, wenn es mich von den Miseren der Welt ablenkt? danke dafür.

@dasnuf okay. Verstehe. Da ich meine Brille auch zum Sport trage, muss ich sie nach spätestens drei Jahren ersetzen. Der Schweiß greift einfach zu stark das Gestell an. Hier mal ein Foto von unserem Reiniger, der soweit wunderbar funktioniert.  (Ich nehme aber auch immer Spüli 🤷‍♂️)

@dasnuf mal ne andere Frage dazu: Wie lange denkst du, sollte eine Brille „halten“? Ich finde drei Jahre ganz ok, und würde danach sowieso die Brille wechseln? Weil „abgenutzt“, weil veränderte Augenwerte etc. Was denkst du?

@Jeena Congratulations!🍾🎊🎈🎉

@rknightuk awesome. Thank you. If anyone reads this, this post by @rknightuk explains it: rknight.me/automatin...

@rknightuk Curious what’s the status on this? Did you take it far enough to publish it on GitHub?

@V_ das ist eine alternative menubar. die andere wird ausgeblendet.

@sod that looks great. I tried it with German text translated into English by whisper and it worked flawlessly. Even stuttering and filler-words were filtered out.

@jean awesome! congrats

@lostinhaste I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my first pet partner in 2019 and it still hurts. ❤️‍🩹

@tiff I just noticed your link tiff.wtf/categorie... 404'ed. 👋

@cambridgeport90 Since I am a Micro.blog user — not Mastodon — I do not have free choice, yet. On iOS I am using Gluon by @vincent and on Mac I use the official Micro.blog app.

@vincent good morning! 😄

@vincent btw do you have any plans of bringing Gluon to the Mac? As a ReactNative application this could be feasible, right?

@Denny ah thank you for that explanation. Now it's clear 👍

@Denny What's Mona? I couldn't find any iOS app of that name (that made sense in regard to Mastodon). Do you have a link, or did I misunderstand you?

@rooster You ARE beautiful!

@adamprocter I see. Back when I used the iPad for handwritten notes I had the app notability. Do you use some screen mat or protection or write on the glass?

@rknightuk aah a /now page is on my todo list. First I have to learn the Hugo syntax to customize the theme. So much to do…

@holgerfrohloff @fontwerk ah never mind. probably doesn’t make sense

@fontwerk Does NeueDin support font palettes in CSS?


@annahavron Remarkable is very expensive but still one of the best tech things I own. I use my iPad way less since I have it. And it's soo light. And lasts for weeks with one charge. And the new v3 they just published makes it even better.

@adamprocter what makes OneNote “better” for you?

@annahavron I do use a Remarkable2 tablet for hand-written notes. Since those can be automatically be transformed into typed notes, I bet there is a way to get those into Obsidian. Oh, the possibilities…

@annahavron @aa you are totally right! I migrated my CRM to Obsidian as well, creating notes for every contact.

@aa that is a good question, potentially opening a can of worms 😂 I use it as

  • a journal with daily entries
  • logging entries that are on my mind with timestamps. just to clear my mind
  • for weekly, monthly, yearly reviews
  • for tracking projects and todos w/o projects
  • as a bucket for all writing that I do
  • for tracking client work (async daily stand-up posts and sprint reports)
  • as a movie and book database, e.g. syncing with readwise
  • some more use cases I don't think of right now

@vincent congrats for submitting

@aa Thank you Aaron. Yes I found everything. BTW are you still heavily using Drafts.app? I migrated to Obsidian.

@petebrown Ha, I bet! What a way to hammer the message home. 🤣

@gregmoore haha that is a really funny idea! Thanks for sharing. I can already imagine the person’s face. 😂

@aa I just noticed that your old posts are not redirected to your new domain. Ihad a few in my bookmarks and clicked on. Didn't work: www.aaronaiken.me/2020/01/2... They do work at micro.blog aaronaiken.micro.blog/2020/01/2...

@manton.org What browser do you use? Maybe a custom CSS style script could be added for YouTube?

@rknightuk thanks a ton. I bookmarked your post to find the conversation again later. 😄

@rknightuk a wonderful conversation. I'd love to parse these sources as well (Overcast and Netflix). Wondering whether I can "subscribe" to this thread/topic to get notified once you publish something. 🤔

@patrickrhone You are going to Berlin! How exciting. Will you visit us for the first time?

@vincent enjoy the evening!

gluon feature request: select multiple images for uploading into a post.

@holgerfrohloff there are still some things not working as expected. Some posts do not appear, but show a 404 other posts are still being published. I wrote to @manton to get it all sorted out

@mindofaaronw you are very welcome. Afaik they still have some copies available.

@V_ @nielsk I came across this video of someone fooling Penn and Teller.


Maybe you already saw that. I was overwhelmed! 😅 Good luck with your show.

@odd yes I think so too. It’s my first Walden. And especially for that occasion I thought “Why not something a bit more!?”

@V_ thank you. I think it is. And it deserves its rightful place next to Alexander von Humboldt’s KOSMOS!

@subrote congratulations! that is wonderful.

@vincent Not really sure about it. I get few mentions so I don’t mind the push on the phone. Wondering at what point I would prefer email. Really don’t know.

@mindofaaronw I didn’t even use extensions much but I missed a few that make my life easier on Firefox. And yeah… bookmarking is wrong on Arc

@fontwerk This is awesome. Congratulations! Superb achievement. And I really like the website showcasing the variable features and the interactivity. 🎉

@manton feature request in MB for mac: After publishing the latest post automatically reload the timeline so the post appears.

@codepo8 This is astonishing. I am afraid (?) we all underestimate how fast AI is going to move forward and what will be enabled by and through it. What a curious time we are experiencing.

@vincent can't wait to see what you will create next for "us"

@jean you know what? you are absolutely right. Didn't really take the time to think this through. It's astonishing how I am able to do that in a different context (e.g. for my clients) but not for me. I'll make a proper project of it. Then at least I can make incremental progress on it.

@vincent looking forward to what you have in store for us 🤗

@vincent thank you for Gluon! I would vote against mastodon stuff.

@odd I am amazed you can bear the darkness. I spent the xmas holidays in Denmark which is not very far away from Berlin, Germany. But still, I experienced it as considerably more dark than at home. Norway must be pitch black in my ignorant imagination. I could not stand it. 😉

@odd Awesome! Where are you located?

@odd Thanks for that song. 🎶 Moin

@pratik @danielsantos glad we don’t have to follow along here on mb. I am watching the mastodon experiment with interest from a safe distance. so happy to have mb.

@herzbruch @katzentratschen @dieliebenessy aber sowas von. als ich die fotos sah, war ich auch entzückt. ganz toll. viel freude gemeinsam!

@patrickrhone very inspiring. thank you for sharing this. haven't heard of her before.


@cheesemaker wonderful! May I ask where this was taken? 🐂

@adoran2 Ha! Awesome. Thanks for sharing, I wasn’t aware of that. Still, I have to find that song 😅

@vincent Sounds great. I mean the app is already really good. Enjoy your holiday break! Once you get around localization, let me know. Happy to help.

@Miraz thank you for your thoughts and insight. I haven’t considered that and you made me aware. Thanks!

@gilcreque Thanks for sharing. Wasn't aware of that browser. Do they offer an iOS version as well? I really like synching my tabs between Mac and iOS.

@jean Awesome. This is one thing I really like about Micro.blog: The opportunity to talk to the people running and creating it. It's always magical when you can do that and maybe in a tiny way help make things better for everybody.

@jean Interesting! Would the emoji flag tag happen automatically, or is this something a user would have to add to their posts?

@mdalves I tried sticking to one but that feels so limiting. I decided that I wouldn't limit myself in real life from talking in English with English-speaking people. So why should I do that online? So it's simply both, depending on the context and my mood. And as @jean said, it's pretty easy to translate the non-English texts, so…

@jean I am one of those mixing English and German posts. Hi @manuel 👋 Maybe we should figure out a way to gather the German speaking users? Might make it easier for others to join if they see they aren’t alone.

@vincent trying out your Gluon app for Micro.blog Looks very nice and might be something to keep. Video uploading isn’t supported yet, right? Are you interested in localizing it into German?

@holgerfrohloff upgrading the custom theme reaolved the issue @manton. 🥳

@holgerfrohloff this post has no content when I follow the link @manton It does appear with its body when looking at the index page though. Might be a theme plugin issue? I am not sure.

@manton Thank you I will try it eventually. Can I keep URLs of pages working/redirecting as well?

@holgerfrohloff maybe this will help book.micro.blog/migration... Eventually I will just try out the import feature and figure out the rest afterwards. Moving forward is better than standing still and waiting for too long.

@dieliebenessy du fragst „Ich frage mich, ob jemals Männer von sich sagen: „Ich bin nicht in die Hotelsauna gegangen, weil schon im Restaurant diese unangenehmen Frauen waren, die laut Zoten gerissen haben.“ Wegen anderer Männer definitiv ja. Wegen Frauen bisher nicht.

@heibie und des Nachdenkens. Es gibt wirklich nichts Sinnvolles an SUVs.

@MitchW hehe put on some Christmas music. Maybe that helps 🤶

@pratik I love my Remarkable. I haven't used my Pencil on the iPad much since I have it. Also for reading epubs and pdfs it's really good.

@odd the first song from their new album sounds like straight from the 80s! I was actually at my first IronMaiden concert this year and was blown away. Awesome, I loved it. I am curious how the rest of the new album will sound.

@manton ah thank you. I guess this was a caching issue for me. I tried with a different browser and other clients and now everything is fine. ❤

@manton are you sure? @holger still doesn't show anything but an error?

@holgerfrohloff even though clicking on my new mastodon-compatible username leads to a "user not found" page. Let's wait a bit. Hopefully this will clear itself up in a few hours or so.

@manton tyvm. have a great weekend!

@holgerfrohloff hope I did this correctly to take part. Maybe @manton could let me know?

@Gaby you click the clicky thingy and press the dark rectangles. that’s all I am doing and it works most of the time? what else could one do?

@Jeena I still run my website as a GatsbyJS site w/o webmentions ☹️ I just wrote a response here https://holgerfrohloff.de/maintaining-custom-software and tried to let you know the URL through your form beneath your post. But the JSON response was "There is no link at the target"

Now nothing works anymore. Which is a real PITA because of quite a few MFA services that I need to migrate to a new phone, somehow. It's a process that I wanted to not do for quite some time. The phone was only 3 years old, after all 😞 3/3

It started working again rather quickly, but FaceID was deactivated the Settings.app told me. I would need to bring it in for service to have it activated again. Over night, I charged it as always. This morning I was greeted by a malfunctioning screen with nasty green lines. Unusable. 10 minutes later the phone was dead. 2/x

@SimonWoods oh wow. always good to know that the latest changes didn't break stuff. :D

@manton you're welcome!

@alpine @gaby is this a new Kirby game? A few weeks ago I helped my daughter finish one Kirby, but I don't know its name…

@jean I am sorry you had to experience this Jean. Hope you’ll recover alright.

@aaronpk just saw that you are in Berlin, so I am 👋-ing across town to you. Welcome. Hope you'll have a good time and the city treats you well.

@holgerfrohloff and why wasn't it named Darcula or Darkula?

@eay Very nice. Thank you very much. I will try to include this into my new blog software. Cool and inspiring.

@eay thanks for linking that article. I really like how cagrimmett.com/thoughts/... styles the excerpts/links to articles from other blogs. It looks so clean and usable. 🤩

@manton I do! And it's very much motivating me to improve my blog's tech to be able to participate (again). What's the best way to report typos and other irregularities?

@odd Yes I would say your words put it better than mine. I absolutely agree.

@jean I actually wanted to take part this time but I missed remembering on May 1st and only saw the first image on the eve of May 2nd. Well… maybe next time :D


@Gaby I honestly wasn’t aware this is a thing. My list isn’t as long or impressive, but YES(!) I feel u. Now what’s harder: Being young & having the time but neither money or gaming systems to enjoy the games, or having money to finally (feels so liberating) buy them. But then never playing them?!

@manton if possible, I'd like to join the bookshelves beta. that looks very valuable to me and since I want to use microblog more it can make it easier for me to do just that. :D


@vincent thoughts like that often go into my Day One


@macgenie haha I am not quite sure whether I should feel sorrow for you 😂

@macgenie OMG this is cute!

@aa I would be interested in a write-up how you came to that state. Why do you use it, what are the tricks and the setups that make it suit your workflow. I am always curious about those things. 🆒

@danielpunkass That looks wonderful. I realized that you have to lower the exposure for the night-mode photos taken on iPhone. They tend to turn out too light for my taste.

@cm That'r really a good question. If you did an informal survey I bet it would get confirmed. Then again perhaps it's only in our selective perception. Maybe those articles do not generate more engagement, but since we consider those as outliers we remember their engagement more than that of other posts?

@manton Just preordered the book. Looking forward to reading it!

@michaelborland Every time I use Micro Blog, I feel like I would like to follow more people. It feels so empty compared to Twitter. But I never seem to manage to fill it up more. Then I leave again for days.

@cm I try to write an email newsletter rvery weekday. Some days I don’t manage at all and sometimes I send emails which are just messy. Quickly written, not thoughtful at all. Those usually get the most (positive) replies. 🤣 Btw. Just clicked through to your site. Really like the theme. So clean and good-looking.

@Gabz Wow that looks really cool. I love those colors.

@canion That's true. Same here for me. But I wouldn't let my kids play on the street in front of our house either. It's a smaller road but still too many careless and reckless drivers.

@walter using Dell seemed to be the best choice regarding performance, design and functionality. And it could save time as they even sell devices with Ubuntu pre-installed. Perhaps I find someone near me that sells used ones to businesses.

@walter Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right. I tried to use Arch some time ago on Mac hardware and it wasn't fun. But I don't want to buy new hardware just for this cause. Because that doesn't make sense either, specifically not considering the environment.

@Gabz Yeah, same here. I tried to record a weekly short video and post that. But somehow I didn't get into the habit. But please to find the courage. You cannot fail. It will be fun.

@cm I am still having a hard time moving from 🍎. It feels so warm and fuzzy most of the time. My starting goal is to find more ways to use micro.blog. To replace existing things and find new use cases.

@cm my impulse was to think: ”I need to buy a new laptop, to install linux.“ But then I realized just how wrong that is. 😅 I guess Microblog is a good start in owning at least that.

Right now I am struggling with getting my styles exported/included as well. My components are there and work, but they aren't styled.