A focus on software quality will increase

What's the issue

Slow projects, unmaintainable applications that were built not too long ago and frustrated developers.

This is the case for many web development companies.
My experience working with my clients and over a decade of developing web applications myself show me that it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you feel like your projects could run smoother and your processes could be improved, write me an email or give me a call.

I am usually booked well in advance, so reach out early.

I help you

Aside from custom projects which are often time-intensive and come with a higher budget requirement, I also offer tightly scoped services with a fixed price.

You can find an overview and more details about the services I offer.

You help yourself

To help your self-guided efforts on improving your software quality, I wrote several articles on topics like continuous integration, code style and linting, testing and others.

You can find everything I know in my growing collection of articles