Today there won’t be a stream as I have a terrrible cold and I don’t want to share my sniffing and sneazing with you all 🤧 😷 🤒

Another day, another stream

Yesterday I’ve streamed for another 2 hours. While I started with a “Just Chatting” segment, I quickly turned to programming again. Not least because I was only chatting with myself 😂. Eventually I started with implementing an algorithm for “rolling weeks” in my chores app. Have a look to find out what that is about 😉…

In a few minutes my stream will be live again. Today it’s mostly chatting, maybe a bit of programming. Would really make my day if you dropped by and stayed to chat a bit.

Today’s stream went quite well again. I started with fixing an algorithm which was hard to get correct for me, yesterday. Afterwards, I continued working on my chores app for a bit. The stream was a bit shorter today and I had two people taking part through the chat.

Currently reading: The Art of Gig 2: Superstructures by Venkatesh Rao 📚 The book has no cover here to show you, unfortunately. I am already in chapter 8 and will share a few thoughts about the contents soon. For indie consultants this sparks quite a few thoughts and poses interesting questions.

Currently reading: Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb 📚

Finished reading: Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb 📚

I’ll be starting my stream now

Good morning from snowy Berlin.

I will start streaming now 🎉

I don’t know whether I made a mistake but submitting my reply to your post didn’t seem to work @V_ ? The form to submit a comment on your site didn’t really work?

I want to clearly speak out that I don’t share DHH’s views or opinions. I love working with Ruby on Rails and will continue using it for my clients and on my projects. Since Rails has been the product of many clever minds over the years, I do not think that using it endorses shitty people.

Wonderful sunrise over Berlin today

Spent 2.5hours streaming today

I spent 2.5hours streaming today. Last year I took up streaming and did around 2 hours in total. Today I just continued and didn’t stop until it I had to take a break 🚽🫣. Since I am still waiting on hearing back from from the creator about their API status, I used the time I had to work on a new ap idea of mine. It’s about an app to manage the chores in our house and who’s doing what.

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Merry Christmas 😘

Unser Bad Renovierungsprojekt dauert länger als gedacht. Immerhin sind wir heute voran gekommen. Die letzten 2,5 Wochen mussten wir vor allem auf das Trocknen von Wand und Boden warten. Heute war Abdichten dran. Morgen wird gefliest!

Port Askaig im Whisky Sour 🥃 😍

Bin den halben Weg zur Arbeit gelaufen. Der Herbst ist da.

On my way to the barbershop yesterday. I liked how there’s such a clear vantage point.

Guter Artikel!

Debatte über Migration: Warmes Herz, kühler Kopf -

Wir müssen uns ehrlich machen: Wir schaffen das nicht mehr. Es kommen zu viele Menschen zu uns, von denen sehr viele keine Bleiberechtsperspektive haben. Der Artikel 16a im Grundgesetz ist Auftrag und Verpflichtung zugleich. Wer unter dessen Schutzbereich fällt, dem wollen und dem müssen wir als Kommune helfen und Asyl gewähren, dies ist unstrittig. Wir müssen aber unterscheiden zwischen Asylbewerbern, Kriegs- und Katastrophenflüchtlingen und Menschen, die aus […] wirtschaftlichen Gründen zu uns kommen.