I was 94% accurate! ✅⬜️⬜️✅✅✅✅✅ Can you do better? www.brilliant.org/challenge…

Great game!

We did a little walk through central Berlin on the weekend.

My current desk setup. Went back to one monitor + laptop screen.

Finished reading: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin 📚 I liked this a lot. Gamers and people born in the late 70s/early 80s have much to relate to.

This is new (to me) in Apple Music. Animations!

Das war der Beginn…

So sehen vier Stunden Arbeit aus. Gut voran gekommen, aber noch viel zu tun.

Eben waren wir im Baumarkt und haben die Fliesen abgeholt. Außerdem Fliesenkleber und anderen Kram. Jetzt leerräumen und vorbereiten. Nachher werden die ersten Fliesen fallen. 🏗️👷‍♂️💪

Dev note for catalog 2023-10-20

What I was able to achieve Today I continued work on the catalog. I streamed for about 90 minutes to Twitch while working. I continued work where I had left it the last time which were the tests for the route /entries. The goal was to get a passing test where the entries are rendered with their titles. It took me longer than I care to admit but in the end I noticed my error and was able to get a passing test.

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Starting my stream now. Be gentle I am a beginner with streaming twitch.tv/holgerfro…

Really happy that I’ve discovered Lofi Girl for background music. Their streams really hit my mood on most days, depending on what I need. Jazzy vibes or more electro thingy. Today it’s Synthwave Radio

I went to YouTube with the goal of finding and watching a video for a specific topic/question. Then I saw thumbnails of other videos and clicked. 20 minutes later I returned and completely forgot about what I wanted to watch & learn about in the first place. 🤦‍♂️ Hello brain. Time to wake up.

Developing React Native apps really is a major PITA.

I use Macs since ~2008. I work as a professional programmer since ~2011. Since then I wasn’t able to use AppleScript (and recently Shortcuts.app) to automate my Mac. I don’t know whether this is due to me being stupid or because AppleScript and Shortcut syntax are really strange.

I hate computers. Maybe I should become a baker.

And now cache.ruby-lang.org is down for me. But only me it seems. I just want to go back to bed. Nothing works. This is frustrating.

I really hate what they did to MacOS. Everything is so confusing now, you have a bazillion system settings entries but nothing is easily found anymore. Right now I am trying to disable some app from auto starting on reboot but I cannot find where to edit those entries anymore. It’s so annoying!

I switched from using Docker Desktop to Colima. Won’t look back. Really happy with Colima’s simplicity. Docker Desktop was buggy for me, never was able to update itself properly and I didn’t like the direction they took.

It took a few days (no idea why!) but now I can use ChatGPT-4’s browsing feature. This changes a lot of things for me and makes my life wayyyy easier. Costs $20/month but as a business expense it’s fine.

Yesterday I tried my hand at something new: Streaming on Twitch.

You see I started developing (again) on a side project. It’s called Catalog for now and I will write more about it once I am ready for it. I want to use it to develop something that I always wanted to have and what could be useful to others. The second reason for the project is that I need to try out all the new features and things that Ruby on Rails brought along with their latest versions. I didn’t really get into Hotwire and Turbo and all those things. So now I can use it in my side project. After all that’s what these are for, right? Right?!

The Twitch stream went ok, I guess. Took my a while to set everything up and learning how the Technik works. At one point I even had one visitor watching me (briefly 😂).

I’ll post here, once I stream again.