_ This is another email I am sending while being happily busy with our newborn._

Two days ago I linked you to an article about Livable Code. Today it’s about reading code. While learning software development I often heard the phrase that you should read other people’s code because it makes you better.

I have to admin, I never purposely did so. Well, one time, I followed through the Rails framework to understand how an HTTP request is handled. But that was the exception. It turns out, I am not alone:

Most programmers agree that we don’t read enough code. The interviews in Peter Seibel’s book, “Coders at work” highlight a comical contradiction: almost all the programmers interviewed by Seibel recommend that others read code for fun, but none of them routinely do so themselves.

This is the opening paragraph of a post by Stephen Malina titled Reading Code. Please click that link and read that post. It will leave you thinking. I promise.

Yours, Holger