Did you hear about the European Union polling its citizen about whether DST is really necessary?

Because I thought it’s funny I sent this issue an hour later than usual.

I was wondering what happens with our apps and services, if DST suddenly isn’t “necessary” anymore. The offsets for saved timestamps become invalid?

What about already recorded time like a created_at or updated_at timestamp? Do we keep the old offset and have to also keep around when it was recorded? Because up until a certain date these offsets were still valid, and after the date these aren’t valid/possible anymore?

DST exists in the US as well, I believe. I guess they could abandon it as well, once Europe does it. This would be an interesting time (pardon the pun).

Timezones and handling time is always something that has to be handled with care, but having big changes like abandoning DST really makes it interesting.

I am interested to hear what you think about the implications of abandoning DST.

Yours, Holger