Hi friend.

You might remember that I told you about my “type”, the INTJ (Architect). Reader Gary wrote in to share his thoughts about that (quoted with permission):

Whatever you are called is not as relevant as the identification with the type. The profile tool is an excellent way to build high functioning, happy team.

Once you know the people, you can optimize their jobs and roles for the organization with the side effect of happily employed people.

Obviously the core problem today is still that most bosses are not that competent - especially in the larger corporate entities. Unfortunately history has tended to favor the incumbents with the result that a lot of real talent is stifled.

Thanks Gary! I am reading a book about development practices right now. And this brought my thoughts back to this topic again: What types would make an ideal team of developers + manager?

So if you could design your optimal team, what types would you take (bonus points for the “why”)?

If enough answers come in, I’ll summarise.

Yours, Holger