I received great replies to my letter last week. I want to quote two for you today.

First is Jacob Wyke on the question why these people become some kinds of star for you an me.

I think its because they teach people things, and so generations of developers look up to them as they taught them things.

I didn’t mention this in my letter, but it certainly is true. So I could reframe the question as: Who were your best teachers?

Matt Payne graciously shared three of his heroes:

Mary Rose Cook annotated-code.maryrosecook.com/space-inv…

Jessica Kerr twitter.com/jessitron

Katrina Owen for creating exercism.io/team and other wonderful things while being vocal!

And on the question why people sometime become heroes:

Because they are verbal.

So thank you to both of them. I already knew Katrina Owen but I didn’t know the other two. Bonus points for mentioning three women! 👍

Please send me more heroes and teachers.

Yours, Holger