Imagine you are doing a software project. It is mostly going like planned. Things happen. You anticipated them and prepared for them. But there are days when unexpected things happen:

  • Stack Overflow is down, and your developers suddenly aren’t as productive as usually 😜
  • Slack is down, and communication is halted. Everyone freaks out, and no work gets done.
  • Your hoster has problems with their energy and their emergency energy, and servers stop and reboot. You have to take care of this.
  • all kinds of things…

What would happen, if you made a list of these things that occur and wrote down how long these took / their impact on your projects? You could also write down what expected risks you already had planned for and their possible impact. Start to make these visible, too.

I bet your list would grow rather long. I also bet it would give you some nice things to talk about with your stakeholders when you plan the next project or feature.

Yours, Holger