When you want to go on vacation, somewhere far away, where you haven’t been… How do you decide for the hotel? What language speaks to you on the hotel‘s website? What images convey to you that this might be a good hotel? Do you only follow suggestions by a friend? Do you care about the vicinity to tourist attractions or important sights? How did they get your attention?

If you only book 5-star hotels, what qualities do they provide, that others don’t? In case you stay the night at a bed-and-breakfast, what made you choose it?

Think about that for a minute.

Now let’s turn to your projects. What could you do, to get people notice and choose you from a pool of similar projects? What characteristics do you care about? And would it make sense to optimize for those, to attract people similar to you? If you do the project for someone else, do they share your views? Would they rather you optimized for something else entirely? Perhaps that would make their project an even bigger success on their eyes?

I am curious what your thoughts are right now.

Yours, Holger