I believe in improving the quality of your software projects. If you want to improve something, you have to measure it first. That idea was introduced by Peter Drucker, the famous management book author.

Now if I ask you, what metrics you could measure about your code quality, would you have an answer?

You could measure the average complexity of your classes. Or the churn of your classes (how often they or their content changes). This tells you about spots in your project that you have to keep a close eye on.

There are tools that help you with that. Make sure to measure consistently to get a picture of how things change.

Do you know what the average, or worst, complexity on your last project was? Do you know your current value? Can you compare those and interpret the impact these numbers have on the outcome of your projects? This could be development taking longer, or higher count of bugs.

But you have to measure to know.

If you need assistance in setting these things up, let me know.

Yours, Holger