Before I get to today’s topic, I would like to say thank you, to you. My little poem yesterday seemed to resonate with you. At first, I planned to write about it and its meaning today. But your responses indicated that it spoke to you. And I wouldn’t want to ruin this with my ramblings about it. So I’ll just finish with: I enjoyed this very much.

Lately, I spent some more time on Twitter. I don’t know how to use Twitter well (enough). I always have trouble with creating threads or topics. But I (re)discovered some very interesting people, sharing their ideas in long threads.

A few days ago I came across @GeePaw Hill. I believe it was because I followed a few tweets by Kent Beck. GeePaw Hill had this thread where he encouraged people to refactor without caring for the application domain, only for the code. You can read the thread here. He even elaborated some more on his blog.

I find the idea fascinating and will continue to think about that.