Good software needs good code. If you want to achieve a high quality in what you ship, you need to care for the quality down to each method you write.

I want to use this week to write a small series on techniques and ideas about how to increase your code quality. When I look at code, it is often possible to find spots in the code, where a simple change can be made. In some cases it’s even an easy tweak. Some of these examples will come from the the actual code that I worked on. Others will be created by me, for this series. You won’t see any code from my clients, of course. The only thing I take from them is the inspiration. And money. 🤣


A good place to start with is to look at variable names. If you have a call to .map() or .each(), then take a look at what you are iterating. Is is a list of Book objects? Then you should call each item that you are iterating what it is, book.

# this is not good do |i|

# this is better do |book|

This would take care of the naming of some variables.

In classic JavaScript loops, you often see a variable called i:

for (i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
  // something happens here

Well, what’s this i anyway? If it’s an iterator, why not call it that? Even worse, when you sometimes combine i with a jand a k: for (i = 1, j = 0, k = 150; i <= 5; i++, j += 30, k -= 30) { /* do work */ } (This is copied from a SO answer)

I bet you a non-trivial amount of money that you won’t be able to tell me without looking it up what these variables refer to 9 months after you wrote code like that.

Will it take a small amount of extra time to come up with a proper name and use that instead? Probably. Will this extra time be saved every time a(nother) human reads that code? Hell yes!

A possible next step would be to change something about the doSomething() method. What the hell does it do? Why doesn’t it tell us already from its name? In this case? Because that’s just pseudo-code for you 😜 But please make sure that you use proper and valid names for your methods and variables.