A couple of days ago I talked about the Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin. It was an eposide about opportunity cost and how that relates to livelong learning as a software developer.

This morning I was on the train to a dear friend who happens to help me with my financial retirement plannings. She helps me choose equity funds and all those things related. I decided to take the train instead of the bike, which is what I usually use to get around Berlin. Taking the train meant that I could write a few words that moved around in my brain. I also meant I could listen to music or a podcast. It just so happened that the latest episode from Seth was relevant to our topics here again. Its title is the same as this email’s subject:

Why is software so bad?

When I saw the title appear in the episode list in my podcast app of choice (Overcast on iOS), I just had to listen to it. In it, Seth compares the evolution of the development of cars to the stagnating evolution of software. I believe you will get a lot out of this episode. If for nothing else, you will at least get one or two ideas for a software startup you could pursue.

Here’s the link to the episode: www.akimbo.link/blog/s-5-…

See you next week.