Yesterday I tried my hand at something new: Streaming on Twitch.

You see I started developing (again) on a side project. It’s called Catalog for now and I will write more about it once I am ready for it. I want to use it to develop something that I always wanted to have and what could be useful to others. The second reason for the project is that I need to try out all the new features and things that Ruby on Rails brought along with their latest versions. I didn’t really get into Hotwire and Turbo and all those things. So now I can use it in my side project. After all that’s what these are for, right? Right?!

The Twitch stream went ok, I guess. Took my a while to set everything up and learning how the Technik works. At one point I even had one visitor watching me (briefly 😂).

I’ll post here, once I stream again.