What I was able to achieve

Today I continued work on the catalog. I streamed for about 90 minutes to Twitch while working. I continued work where I had left it the last time which were the tests for the route /entries. The goal was to get a passing test where the entries are rendered with their titles. It took me longer than I care to admit but in the end I noticed my error and was able to get a passing test.

Next I talked a bit about the architecture decision records that I use to document my decisions on how to build things. I used a new ADR to document my decision about integrating the Pinboard.in API. Since a lot of my entries will come from Pinboard, I wanted to include the API access early on. That way I am able to get content to display “quickly”. At least that was the plan. I decided against using an existing Gem for Pinboard and will write my own API wrapper. While reading the docs for Pinboard I noticed that there is a new API v2 in development. I will use that new version.

I had to quit the session just as I was about to make a successful authenticated API call. Since I develop in a test-driven development style I had written a test that tests for the unauthenticated access. That test is successful in checking the 403 return code of the response. The successful/authenticated test case is not successful, yet. This is were I will continue next time.

My plan is to get started with that rather quickly, and then fetch entries from Pinboard and display them on the site.

About the streaming

I believe no one watched. I am not sure, Twitch told there was one visitor, but I believe that was I, monitoring the stream and watching for chat messages. So yeah, speaking into the void — but it was fun. I definitely need to improve my stream game. Switching between the VSCode and browser window is annoying. Don’t know how to do it better, yet. I will try to watch some other software development streams to get some inspiration how they do it. And my VSCode was probably too small to read. Well, next time!