I spent 2.5hours streaming today. Last year I took up streaming and did around 2 hours in total. Today I just continued and didn’t stop until it I had to take a break 🚽🫣.

Since I am still waiting on hearing back from from the Pinboard.in creator about their API status, I used the time I had to work on a new ap idea of mine. It’s about an app to manage the chores in our house and who’s doing what. We had a system to manage it for about two years now. Our old method used pen and paper and we reached its limit. The new app will hopefully let work better.

The streaming was fun. I didn’t have anybody watching the stream. But I didn’t mind. I did receive my first at spam comment though! 🥳 I regard that as progress: A first step out of irrelevance 😂

Since I am without client projects right now for reasons I will get into later, I simply will use the time to stream and build my app.

If you want to have a look within the next days: