Since Bartender 5 for Mac was sold without informing me as a longtime user to Applause Group — which I don’t know and don’t want to get to know — I removed it from my system.

As an alternative I am now using Ice. Thanks Christian for introducing me to Ice through his blog post.

Ice seems cool. 😅

Finished reading: Golden Fool by Robin Hobb 📚 Just finished. I believe I never read a book quicker than this. It’s like many second parts of a trilogy. It advances the storyline and prepares everything for the big finale. It is still full of suspense and I can hardly wait to read the rest. Still, book one was better. If not only for the reason that Nighteyes is gravely missed. 😢

Finished reading: Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb 📚

I finished yesterday. Being sick and laying in bed all day has upsides. Wonderful start to the series. Very emotional and thrilling.

Bouldern im Family Rocks in Oranienburg ★★★★☆

Gestern war wieder Bouldern angesagt. Da in der Berta Block demnächst die Berta Block Masters anstehen (Samstag am 8.6.), werden die Routen aktuell nicht umgebaut. Deshalb wollte ich mal etwas Neues probieren und wir sind nach Oranienburg gefahren. Die Halle dort heißt Family Rocks, und ich war mit den Kids da. Das hat gepasst. Das Schöne ist, dass es einen großen Kletter- und Tobebereich für die Kids gibt. So wurde es ihnen nicht langweilig.

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In meinem RSS feed erscheinen regelmäßig die Beiträge von Mit dabei sind Posts in denen man sieht, dass er einen Artikel »liked« oder »bookmarked« hat. Und ich frage mich, wie er das technisch umsetzt. Falls du das siehst, Heiko, magst du oder hast du darüber geschrieben?

Dadurch, dass ich nun ein Backbone für mein iPhone habe, benutze ich es ab und an wieder ohne Hülle. Die Apple Finewoven Case passt nicht ins Backbone. 🤷‍♂️ Jedenfalls ist es wieder ein Genuss, dieses Titangehäuse in der Hand zu haben. Ohne Hülle ist besser. Aber halt auch gefährlicher…

Erd-, Stachel- und Johannesbeeren halten sich an ihre Jobbeschreibung! 👍🫶

ein Foto von noch grünen, wachsenden Erdbeerenein Foto von noch grünen, wachsenden Stachelbeeren ein Foto von noch grünen, wachsenden Johannisbeeren 

Vogelgesang während der Hunderunde

Heute morgen, während ich Milo spazieren führte, habe ich wieder Vögel bestimmt. Ich bin auf die App durch aufmerksam geworden. Gerade bei uns am Kanal waren schön viele Vögel zu hören. Und ist es nicht schön? Sie singen so toll und ich kann endlich mal lernen, welcher Vogel wie klingt. Steigert nachhaltig die Naturverbundenheit. Und wer kann schon was gegen nachhaltig sagen. Amsel und Gartenrotschwanz fand ich am Schönsten. Zaukönig und Buntspecht haben mich überrascht.

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Today is the final day of a three-day workshop on FHIR and the firely server. I am actually writing some C# code today. Haven’t interacted with that language for over 10 years. Three days of workshops is a nice change of pace. Also lots of delicious food and a great presenter/coach in Mirjam Baltus.

A good neighborhood store might make me think, “I wonder if Sam has anything interest in stock this week?” A good blog should make me hope Sam has new posts. […] But, a personal web space is a bit of a sports car in a workshop too. An interesting garage might make me think, “Hey I wonder what car Hank is working on this week?” A good blog makes me think, Hank’s site is so fascinating, I should go talk to him about it or make my own.

Wanted to quote the whole post I liked it so much.…

Yesterday I visited the Elixir / Ruby user group mashup in Berlin. I gave a talk about my professional journey and why I left freelancing for good. From what I heard it was well received. There even was a bartender who served delicious cocktails sans alcohol.

We’re meeting today at @bitcrowd with our friends from @elixirberlin to celebreate their 100th meetup!

We’ll talk about ChatGPT and switching from freelancing back to full time employment - by @xhr15 and @holger

There will be Pizza and cake

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This Holger person is me! Looking forward to doing a talk again after a few years break from talking publicly.

walking the dog

The puppy needs rest! So much today today! 🐶

Currently watching Griselda Blanco on Netflix. I continue to be amazed and shocked at the same time how the storytelling and cinematography make you root for one of the worst and evil person of all time.

The comprehensive guide to doing pull requests

This is a guide on what I consider the best way to do a pull request1. There are many ways to do this. I consider this to be the best way because of my experiences doing it like that with different teams. The results tell me that I am right. But first: What is a pull request? What is a pull request, or: How should I integrate my changes with the code To make any of this work, you need to be using a version control hosting provider like GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket.

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I really like using Lillihub by @heyloura for accessing and you should all have a look at it!

One tiny thing I’ve just noticed: When opening the Actions, the element’s size changes. Once it’s open the bottom seems strange, as if there was something drawn over the bottom border.

This morning I restarted writing my journal entries in DayOne. At some point I’ve switched to writing those in Obsidian, painfully recreating my templates and migrating existing (thousands!) entries. But somehow I lost the streak. has a voucher that saves 25% on a year premium…