This will be the last email that you’ll get from me sent by Drip. My account will be terminated tomorrow.

I just spent around an hour saving screenshots of my automations and text files with the contents of all emails that I send to my subscribers. What a hassle. And then I’ll have to recreate everything when I’ve found a new home for that.

I would like to go to something like ConvertKit, but they are not GDPR compliant. So that’s definitely not a solution for me. The next best thing looks like Mailjet, but I already know they don’t support everything I’d like to have. ☹

I am still toiling with the idea of writing something myself. But I don’t have time for that.


I spent last week doing my first sabbatical week, inspired by this guy. That’s the reason I didn’t code anything at all for clients.

I worked on my pilot course a bit, but mostly on my website I silently launched it yesterday because I figured that I’d already waited for too long. I know it’s not finished and that not everything is worked as it’s supposed to. The reasons for that are mostly a) time and b) Wordpress/PHP. I am still figuring out how Wordpress and PHP work. And it turns out I have a really hard time doing it. Even simple changes to the theme I bought and to Wordpress' logic take me ages—if I am able to do it at all. It sucks.

But I am glad that I launched. Now day by day things will improve. I already know of things that do not work, but if you come across anything, please let me know. You have my email adress 😉


I used the week to spent quality time with my family, played some video games and read great books. But I also made time for high-intensity running workouts. It was an awesome week. I am already looking forward to the next one. Since I will be at my new client by then, I’ll have to see how and when it will be possible.

One work-related thing I that I want to leave you with is this tweet-conversation I had with the creator of the Lucky framework, Paul C. Smith: He responded to my question “When is a class too big”.

See you next week, I hope (if I figure out how to send emails with Mailjet or something else by then).