Heute morgen auf dem Weg ins Büro kurz angehalten und ein paar Fitnessübungen gemacht. Ich liebe diese „Sportinseln“, v.a. auch am Strand in Portugal und Katalonien!


Heute: Hecke schneiden

Posted on Friday, 14th at 4:13pm in Berlin A day in the Life

Mehr Herbst

Tri Tra Tralala der Herbst ist da.

I am really torn between sticking with the existing, working GatsbyJS site and continuing to write my custom site/blog software. The basics are already almost working. But of course there’s lot to do. Unsure how to continue. Would love to have more flexibility and IndieWeb stuff.

Heute mal ein neues Büro probearbeiten mit Sicht auf den Amazon Tower

Maintaining custom software

Jeena writes about the challenge to maintain a custom blog software. I've neglected my rails application which runs my own website for many many years, mostly because it's a lot of work to keep upgrading rails especially when it comes to major version changes. Dependencies break and disapear, API's break, you need to rewrite a lot of code because new concepts and data structures gets introduced, etc. Anyway now I need to upgrade from rails 4.

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Was möchte mir der Autor damit sagen? Ich verstehe es wirklich nicht.

Christian Heilmann @codepo8 giving a talk in front of 🚢 in Hamburg at web-developer-conference 🥳

Ich lasse seit drei Tagen einen Snowflake Proxy in Docker auf meinem Rechner laufen. Bisher bewirkt es nix Schlechtes für mich und hoffentlich etwas Hilfe da wo sie gebraucht wird.

Nachher gibt es endlich mal wieder Baked Oats zum Mittag. 😋😋😋

Den Morgen mit Radeln in der Garage beginnen. Eine Stunde Grundlage 😍😅

I left my iPhone out in the sun yesterday. Once I realised and took it away, it said that it overheated and needed to cool down before I could continue to use it. I submerged it into the pool, to cool it. It’s supposed to be waterproof after all. 1/x

This morning I was able to gather quite a few strawberries 🍓 from our garden. 😍

Really made my day. What a wonderful comment.

It was supposed to be plural. Rails apps. 😉

I am migrating my Rails app from Azure App Services to fly.io It isn’t perfect, yet. But it is already soo much better than hosting on Azure as Rails apps are first-class apps and not something nobody wants to have around.

Just discovered a bug in the newest releaes of the Microblog for Mac app @manton (let’s see if attaching a .mov file works here…)