Spent 2.5hours streaming today

    I spent 2.5hours streaming today. Last year I took up streaming and did around 2 hours in total. Today I just continued and didn’t stop until it I had to take a break 🚽🫣. Since I am still waiting on hearing back from from the Pinboard.in creator about their API status, I used the time I had to work on a new ap idea of mine. It’s about an app to manage the chores in our house and who’s doing what.

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    Unser Bad Renovierungsprojekt dauert länger als gedacht. Immerhin sind wir heute voran gekommen. Die letzten 2,5 Wochen mussten wir vor allem auf das Trocknen von Wand und Boden warten. Heute war Abdichten dran. Morgen wird gefliest!

    Yesterday I tried my hand at something new: Streaming on Twitch.

    You see I started developing (again) on a side project. It’s called Catalog for now and I will write more about it once I am ready for it. I want to use it to develop something that I always wanted to have and what could be useful to others. The second reason for the project is that I need to try out all the new features and things that Ruby on Rails brought along with their latest versions. I didn’t really get into Hotwire and Turbo and all those things. So now I can use it in my side project. After all that’s what these are for, right? Right?!

    The Twitch stream went ok, I guess. Took my a while to set everything up and learning how the Technik works. At one point I even had one visitor watching me (briefly 😂).

    I’ll post here, once I stream again.

    Safari profiles. A nice start but not done well enough

    I tried to use Safari for a week now. The new PROFILES feature lured me in. Unfortunately it is still not what I need from a browser and Firefox just keeps ticking almost all of my boxes. What turned me away from Safari again: Once you close a window with a profile, Safari doesn’t remember the tabs you had open. So closing a window means you need to reopen all of them once you want to continue your work.

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    Currently reading: Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb 📚

    Lese dann lieber den zweiten Teil weiter. Der erste war super!

    Tagebuchblogggen 28.2.2023

    Arbeit Beim Kunden bin ich heute endlich wieder gut voran gekommen. Die letzten Sprints haben sich gezogen, da ich große Themen hatte, die nicht immer in 1-Woche-Sprints gepasst haben. Spaß 1 Ich bin heute über ein neues Tool gestolpert. Es heißt SketchyBar. Bevor du den Link klickst: das ist nur was für Leute, die gern mit dem Terminal unter MacOS arbeiten. SketchyBar hilft dir, eine Menüleiste unter MacOS zu erstellen, wie sie dir gefällt.

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